600 Electrical

"Through this Website I hope visitors can gain three major advantages. Firstly, they can obtain access to the very latest products and technology, secondly, they can buy at Far Eastern factory prices, and thirdly, they can directly influence the products that we will be developing in the future. I would like you to see this Website as your direct link to the factory and to myself.

We hope that you will use the Website's registration form to tell us exactly what appliances you wish to power. If you have a specific power supply requirement and we do not already have an appropriate product, just let us know by means of the online registration form. We will probably discover that you are not alone: other customers will also have the same need, and if that is so, you can be assured that you will not have long to wait before 600 Electrical has developed a product to satisfy your personal needs.

Our motto is "Power by Design", our aim is to keep our customers happy, and our desire, by means of this Website, is to work directly with you, to supply products which are tailored to your individual power needs."
Bob H